Angus Cattle Co


Angus Cattle Co provides premium freezer beef and pork for everyday buyers and restaurants in Michigan

Scope of Work

  • Website Design
  • Product entry
  • Full training of the platform
  • Security setup
  • Custom lead intake forms
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads

Project Details

Lansing, Michigan
Start Date
Completion Date
Revenue Generated

Michigan's Best Freezer Beef

Angus over at Angus Cattle Co wanted to create a secure and easy to use website and move away from his old platform. They had previously dealt with lots of difficulties with the old system so they wanted something that was completely headache free, secure, and easy to use.

We used Shopify for this project due to its ease of use, security features, as well as its potential for growth.

Angus Arthur at Angus Cattle Farm

First we laidout the website with the products ready to be entered. Once everything was good to go we setup a security system for their domain to ensure longevity with no problems. After everything was launched, we created custom forms on the website which helps them capture hundreds of leads per month. These leads have been growing rapidly which has been a good sign for their farm and the team as a whole.

After the website project was completed, we setup their advertising campaign on Google Search to expand their reach. We managed to reducce their cost per click to almost half from what we started out with and helped them reach new clients they were not able to reach previously.

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