Bossletics Brand


Bossletics provides high quality and comfortable apparel made for bosses all around

Scope of Work

  • Full website build with Shopify
  • Email marketing setup: automations, thank you emails, review requests, etc
  • Analytics plugins
  • Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns
  • Branding consulting: how to separate from gym, customer identity, marketing pillars, etc
  • Growth strategy: timeline of when to push new products, how often, etc

Project Details

Start Date
Completion Date
Revenue Generated

Limited prints, unique each and every time

Pico had outgrown his Wix account and needed a bigger platform to grow its apprel business. We started out selling shirts on the Bossletics Gym website just as apparel but once the demand started getting out of control, we had to take him to the next level through Shopify.

Through a few weeks of design and couple months of rebranding, we managed to fully separate the apparel from the gym and give it its own set of audience, clientele, and people who follow it.

His apparel brand is now its own pillar of income for the Bossletics brand as a whole with its own small warehouse space for fulfillment. We continuously work to improve their business through small tweaks, changes in Instagram and Facebook campaigns, and Pico works diligently to bring in better and improved products to grow his business.

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