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Level up your game

If your competitors are gaining an edge over you in digital or other forms of growth, you could take advantage of some of the similar strategies they're using. We custom tailor strategies that are a fit for you and help your business gain an advantage over them.

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Create a solid strategy that allows you to not only gain more marketshare but make you recognizable in your area



avoid becoming a "gas station brand" that people will consume and will never remember. Create and solidify your brand identity



Hone-in on your clientele and the service or products you provide. This way you will create your own market


Growth Plan

Create milestones and steps necessar to crete and implement the new strategies to fruition


Our Process


Based on your specific issues, we create a custom strategy for your organization


On our first consultation call, we go over your current business situation and the issues you are facing


We lay out the strategy's creation & implementation guide over the course of the timeline


The solutions to your problems will be created one at a time


The solutions will be implemented little by little in accordance to the timeline


After everything has been implemented, we revisit different solutions and polish them up to perfection


At each milestone we pause and get a feedback on the project and its progress

What our clients say

From restaurant owners to automobile shops or gyms, we've helped hundreds of businesses to date

Farhid was very helpful from the beginning. Anything I asked for he would gladly do. I was very satisfied with the website he and his team built for us as well. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality.

Great experience with the Switchgear team. They brought our website into the 21st century!

Awesome people who did a fantastic job of helping rebuild my shops website. Also referred me to several great photography and social media management people.

Switchgear’s webdesign got my website looking better than it ever has. Looking forward to increase in business it will bring me.Thank yall

What a dream to work with! Farhid was willing and able to answer every one of my questions and build a website I could only dream about.

SwitchGear and their team helped me with my website, Facebook presence, and everything I needed for my business!

SwitchGear built an amazing website for my business. I could not be more happier with quality of their work. Team also provided marketing advice on how to improve my business and increase clientele.

Farhid Azari with SwitchGear Marketing always exceeds my expectations with website development!


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