Restaurant Consulting & Design for La Costa Seafood Grill

La Costa Seafood Grill provides a unique Latin flavor not found anywhere else

Scope of Work

  • Photography
  • Brand image consultation
  • Full website design
  • Code implementation to new software
  • Consulting for finalizing new landing page
  • Online Ordering Assist

Project Details

We had previously designed two websites for La Costa and had done some marketing for them to increase their revenue due to pandemic when restaurants were getting bombarded with the closures.This time around they were looking to take their system to the next level.Karim and his team at La Costa were looking for a better software to do their online ordering when they came across PopMenu. This new company allowed them to not only do their business more efficiently, but also came with lots of potential for future growth.

We decided to start off with a photoshoot of some of their food for their website pictures. Once we had those ready to go, we designed the initial website on Webflow.

With the help from Luloe Films we created a great set of pictures that we are able to use for marketing and branding purpose for a long time to come.

Once we had finalized this, we exported the code for PopMenu to use to integrate with their software. This way we had the customized designs from Webflow with the power of PopMenu's software to bring the best of both worlds for La Costa Seafood Grill.

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Live Project

Client name

La Costa Seafood Grill



Date Completed

May 21, 2023


Alvin, Texas

Google Ads - Positioning - Ranking - Custom Campaigns

Brand Story-  Marketing Strategy  -  Web Design

Graphic Design - Branding - Digital Presentation

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