Website Design & Consulting for Tray-Tec

TrayTec provides downstream & midstream tower services for their clients in oil & gas

Scope of Work

  • Website design
  • Starter SEO 
  • Logo redraw & redesign
  • Online Application Flow & Process Creation

Project Details

A Complete Overhaul

Andres and his team over at Tray-Tec wanted to not only revamp their online presence, but they also wanted to start bringing in more visitors. This would all allow them to create a specific online experience for their visitors and potential clients. Considering they were growing at a very fast pace, it was important to share the company values as well as express their standard and culture.

We worked directly with the leadership team to not only create a beautiful and effective website, but also ensure everything was up to par with their standard.

Second Phase: Creating an Efficient Process

Once their website was launched, Tray-Tec and their team needed a more efficient way to start bringing in talents and vetting them. Their current process was old-fashioned and slow, and they were in need of something much more efficient and quicker.

We worked to create them an efficient flow that allows applicants to go through the entire application process from the comfort of their home. This eliminates the need for applicants to drive to the office, which saves Tray-Tec hundreds of hours per year.

We're looking forward to seeing their growth and what the future holds for Tray-Tec! Visit our consulting page to learn how we can help make your processes more efficient.

Live Project

Client name

Tray-Tec Inc


Energy Sector

Date Completed


Houston, TX

Google Ads - Positioning - Ranking - Custom Campaigns

Brand Story-  Marketing Strategy  -  Web Design

Graphic Design - Branding - Digital Presentation

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