Las Flores Tex Mex


Las Flores is a Tex-Mex style restaurant in Alvin Texas with over 20 years of family history serving clients

Scope of Work

  • Logo redesign
  • Digital branding
  • Menu design
  • Photography
  • Website Design
  • Business Performance Consulting

Project Details

Alvin, TX
Start Date
Completion Date
Revenue Generated

Best enchiladas and fajitas in Alvin

Reagan at Las Flores wanted to revitalize their company and bring in more clients. They had previously gotten a quote from another marketing company but they were unsure of their services and the rates they were getting. We decided to apply some of our magic to fully rebrand their digital front and bring them fresh photography and menus

We started off by redoing their logo from scratch and established the color scheme they are trying to show off. After that, we did a photography session with Luloe Films who helped us stage the foods and drinks.

These pictures were also used in the menu pages as well. After all of this, we started building the website using the new color scheme, logos, pictures, menus, and everything came together bit by bit.

Once the website was complete, we did a consulting session to create a growth plan for the team on how they can bring in more clients and specifically the exact types of clients they are looking for. All of this together helped them increase their revenue by over 30% over the next few months from Google and social media sources.

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