Website Design & Consulting for Clutch City Customs

Clutch City Customs provides high end customizations such as PPF, Vinyl Wraps, and modifications

Scope of Work

  • Custom website design with Wix
  • SEO: Keywords, Google Search Console indexing, photo compression
  • Basic email automations
  • Custom lead intake forms
  • Iconography and animations

Project Details

Premium service with a long wait list

After being dissatisfied with the website service he had previously received, Tuan wanted to upgrade to something that was easy to manage and change up. Since he was the only person managing his acccount at the time, we decided Wix would be the best option.

Wix dashboard allows the user to manage their clients, send automated emails, and more features in one place.

We started by gathering around some of the best pictures they had to offer. From there, we created individual pages to showcase what services they provide. We also created an easy to navigate homepage that takes visitors to whatever service they are looking for within less than 2-3 clicks.

To date, their website has generated over 400 organic leads with no advertising done on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or anywhere else.
As a matter of fact, the website generated more leads on its own than when Tuan was paying for a Yelp advertising package. The clients this website brought in were not only higher quality but they also purchased bigger packages.

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Live Project

Client name

Clutch City Customs



Date Completed

March 21, 2022



Google Ads - Positioning - Ranking - Custom Campaigns

Brand Story-  Marketing Strategy  -  Web Design

Graphic Design - Branding - Digital Presentation

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