Abe's Fitty Foods


Abe's Fitty Food is a meal prep service in South Houston serving clients all around the city

Scope of Work

  • Digital brand image and color presentaation
  • Logo design
  • Menu design
  • Online ordering system
  • Full website design
  • Basic SEO Package
  • Consulting: how to weed out difficult clients and focus on good ones

Project Details

Start Date
Completion Date
Revenue Generated

Fresh & Healthy Prep with a Great Cause

Abe and his brothers started this company to help people around them live a healthier lifestyle through better ingredients and foods. After losing their mother tragically and going through years of hardship, they built this business by pulling themselves off their bootstraps and pushing through all that life gave them.

During this project we set an online ordering system for their company which helped streamline their communication channels and make their process more efficient. This also helped them increase their revenue by retaining their customers better and weeding out customers who were either too cheap or did not commit fully to their purchase.

We also created a logo and a freshly drawn out menu which helped them brand themselves within their color schemes and help them stand out better in comparison to others.

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