Coach with Pico


Coach with Pico is Pico Cardenas' personal training business serving clients at Bossletics

Scope of Work

  • Logo design
  • Brand consulting
  • Photography
  • Website design
  • Custom lead intake form

Project Details

South Houston
Start Date
Completion Date
Revenue Generated

Are you ready to boss up?

Pico was ready to push his training business to the online front and we came up with a plan to help him get there. Having worked together on Bossletics Gym website, Bossletics apparel, and other projects this had some similar components to what he needed.

We started off by creating a logo that looked similar to his Bossletics logo in a familiar font and color scheme. From there and with the help of Luloe Films, we gathered around a set of photos from their photoshoot.

After everything was put together, we created the custom lead intake form for clients to fill out and brought the website together.

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